Owner Xcellentyou, Personal Trainer& Health Coach

My mission is to help everyone develop the confidence in their body that I have In mine own.

My professional interest is everything that helps to be healthy, strong, beautiful and stay young: fitness, posture, movement, recovery, sports psychology and a healthy attitude to food. I am interested in science, research and I use evidence-based training methods.

My knowledge of body mechanics is extensive and my personal sports experience as a world champion in athletic fitness, can be a source of inspiration to many.


Master in physical education,Pedagogical University, Russia, 1998-2003
Certified Personal Trainer /WBBF/
Certified choreographer/College of Arts, Russia


Twice absolute World PRO champion In athletic fitness /WFF-WBBF/2009, 2010
Twice absolute champion of Russia In athletic fitness 2009,
2010 International judge /WBBF/


Body Transformation
Strength training
Prenatal training
Nutrition expert
Fat loss
Competition preparation



My interest in the dietician profession was not accidental. The subject of weight loss has always worried me. I’ve been overweight since I was a child and couldn’t reduce it in any way.
When I got to know the Roede method, I stopped starving and my weight went down. It was a miracle!
I would like to use all my knowledge and experience to support you in the process of getting new healthy habits and do it with pleasure!

A Bachelor of Nutrition Science degree, Oslo

ROEDE course leader, Oslo


  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Nutritious diet
  • Mental techniques and strategies
  • Group dynamics